Smooth Transition for Smoothie Cube Producers, Farm & Function.

Posted: September 10, 2019 at 11:54 am

From left to right; Eneida Latchman and Jonathan Devenish of The Pouch Company and Rachel Renie of Farm and Function.

The Pouch Company was forged on a foundation to provide high quality, market-ready flexible packaging right here in Trinidad & Tobago, to local and regional product manufacturers. We understood the difficulties being experienced by these manufacturers to source flexible packaging from external markets. Our research showed that major pain points experienced were related to language barriers, delivery methods and times and also the general lack of knowledge of how to create the best possible artwork for your product’s retail presence.

A recent project gave us the ability to relieve some major pain points for a known local product manufacturer. Here are some words from their management team;

“As a small Agri-Business in Trinidad & Tobago, we are poised to innovate, add value to our local produce and form deeper connections with consumers on the shelf as a brand proudly made in T&T. However, the local market is very competitive, mostly due to the fact that we are competing with long standing, imported brands. In order to remain competitive, we must not only have high quality ingredients and strong standardisation systems in place but we must also have quality packaging and strong brand recognition.

Farm & Function prides itself on having both these attributes however, when it comes to sourcing quality packaging we could only affordably do so outside of Trinidad & Tobago. What The Pouch Company is offering is not only an alternative solution but THE solution for local brands like ourselves to remain competitive by providing locally sourced, high quality, pouch packaging solutions.

We are in the midst of adding a new indigenous flavour to our frozen fruit line and the timing couldn’t be better to work with The Pouch Company. We have been able to work closely with their team to get the right speciality packaging for frozen products like ours as well as the best quality printing due to their advanced digital printing technologies. Additionally, we were thrilled to receive our product within half of the time of our previous printers and the relief of having real time communication and expertise advice really ensured our experience was top of the line.

All in all, we believe ‘all fruits are ripe’ for both the launch of The Pouch Company and the future of Farm & Function Ltd.”

We also can’t wait to see what our future brings and to continue sharing our journey in flexible packaging.

-The Pouch Co. Team