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with spout finish.

Packaging Requirements

Many products used in the agricultural sector have unique characteristics that require packaging designs that preserve active ingredients and ensure quality. Flexible pouch packaging can offer solutions to both consumers and manufacturers for maintaining potency and ease of use.


Stand up pouches use several layers of barrier film, laminated together. For products that have a strong or unpleasant odor, such as fertilizers, this packaging locks the smell inside. Casual gardeners may not have exterior sheds or secure storage locations for their supplies. Individuals with small children or pets may be hesitant to keep fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides in the house. This packaging can be water and puncture resistant, which maintains product integrity, even when left outdoors.


It’s not only fertilizers and soil treatments that can take advantage of flexible packaging. Compost, potting soil and seeds may benefit from these containers as well. Among the many features available are:

  • Pinholes allow air to enter, supporting metabolism and other oxygen related reactions.
  • Pour spouts not only make dispensing easier for consumers, they are available with tamper resistant bands.
  • Heat-sealed seams hold up to abuse during shipping and storage, preserving quality.
  • Slip factors increase packaging stability when stacked.
  • Resealable zippers are spill-free and may be rated child-safe


Consumers look for attractive packing design despite the industry. Digital pouch printing offers high-resolution color and the ability to use all packing surfaces for their brand information. From printing the brand name and logo, to ingredients, usage instructions and benefits, companies that use flexible packaging have an unprecedented amount of space to market their goods on each pouch, enticing consumers. When combined with the smaller footprint and improved portability over traditional bags and boxes, shelf visibility of the product is increased.

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