Packaging Solutions for Coffee

Packaging Requirements

When building a small coffee business into a large coffee business, it can be stressful to keep track of all the spinning plates. Between production, distribution, and accounting, it’s easy to lose track of important information. We aim at The Pouch Company to help small business owners relieve the stress of one of the most important parts of a small business: packaging. Our state of the art digital printing system allows us to do that in a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly way.

Your Packaging is Your Brand

One of the most crucial elements of building your business from the ground up is brand awareness. Creating a consistent image across all aspects of your business will go a long way toward solidifying it in customers’ minds. If your coffee packaging design is inconsistent with your brand, you will lose some of that power. Thankfully, our digital printing platform produces perfect, consistent photo-quality graphics, every time an order is placed. Simply send us your artwork, or if you need a designer we can refer you to one, and we’ll take your coffee pouch making from there.

Custom Pouches for Your Business

The customization process for your coffee flexible packaging doesn’t end at the graphic design stage. As a customer, you also have many possibilities to choose from when it comes to coffee bag designs. Whether you prefer stand-up pouches, a zipper pouch, or pillow pouches, we has you covered. We can recommend a structure and size suitable for your product, or we will work with your specification. Coupled with our environmentally friendly manufacturing process that enables you to print on demand to avoid costly inventory and obsolescence, you can rest easy knowing that the coffee bean packaging process for your product is friendly to the environment. Our digital printing technology provides perfect color matching and registration on every job, so you can also enjoy the benefits of top-tier graphics quality for a fraction of the cost.

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