Packaging Solutions for Household & Personal

Packaging Requirements

The demand for customizable flexible packaging is on the rise. Its pliable material is durable, offers a multitude of sizes and can be filled with hard to hold product such as liquids, powders and gels. The airtight seal ensures product integrity, which makes it ideal for personal care and household packaging. A higher filling volume allows for more product in a smaller space than rigid containers.

Organic and all-natural foods that are preservative-free benefit from the dry, airtight environment pouches offer. Zippers allow them to be re-closed to maintain freshness and prevent contamination. Lotions, shampoos and oils can be messy when traveling. Cosmetic packaging design that uses heat sealed seams, tamper evident pour spouts and spill resistant lids may be features particularly attractive to frequent travelers.

Single Use Sizes

Consumers often prefer to sample products before they purchase, or for travel. Flexible bath and cosmetic packaging simplifies the creation of samples. This can benefit companies, as consumers may be more likely to buy what they sample, positively impacting the bottom line.

Pouches are well-suited to the health and beauty industries as both make single serving sized products. Pillow pouches and sachets can be used for the transport of capsules, drink powders and pills. They are affordable and easy to open. Their portability offers convenience to busy consumers.

Advertising Real Estate

From daily dose and single use packets to stand up pouches with spouts, valves and tear notches, the printable area is larger than any other packaging option. This can be beneficial when considering real estate on retail shelves and when palletizing, stacking and shipping.

Digital pouch printing offers high-definition graphics on packaging of all sizes. Different finishes can be combined onto the same printed area, enhancing the product’s appearance. As the printing is applied directly on the pouch, there are no additional labels or shrink sleeves needed. Added to the cost benefits of digital printing over traditional methods, flexible packaging is a cost-effective solution.

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