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Packaging Requirements

As a small business owner, you’re always on the hunt for ways to increase brand awareness and improve your products. Producing the snacks you sell takes up a lot of time, money and energy for your company, and deciding what packaging to use can often be exhausting on top of it. Let The Pouch Company take that load off your shoulders with our flexible packaging for snack foods.

Packaging Made Easy

It’s crucial for a business to maintain consistency in its voice, brand, and image, especially for a small business. We understand those values here at The Pouch Company, and work to make your snack food packaging decisions as easy as possible. Simply tell us what kind of snack bag packaging you are looking for, and we can either suggest an appropriate size, style, and structure, or if you have specifications you want us to meet, we’ll customize to your specifications. If you have artwork you want to use – great, just send us what you have. Otherwise, we can refer you to a graphic design specialist to work with. Once we have approved artwork, the file is quickly prepped by our pre-media department, and most orders ship in 15 business days.

Eco-Friendly Digital Printing Process

The Pouch Company offers a variety of films, and our pre-media process optimizes your design for digital production, a much more environmentally conscious form of printing than the traditional snack bag printing process. Ozone creation, energy demand, water depletion, and the overall impact to Global Warming are all substantially reduced.

Not only is our digital printing process environmentally friendly, it’s also much more cost-efficient. Digital printing excels at producing short and medium run length jobs at an affordable price, two qualities that don’t often coincide in the industry. We achieve this by eliminating plates charges, minimizing waste and set up time, and enabling print on demand to reduce costly inventory and obsolescence. Using the latest in digital printing technology, we are able to produce brand-accepted, gravure matching quality and achieve up to 97% of Pantone colors. Digital printing provides us with the means to achieve perfect color matching and registration on every job. If your company employs data solutions like QR codes and security features, we can certainly accommodate those on your packaging as well.

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