Packaging Solutions for Promotional Pouches

Packaging Requirements

Long-run production is not often feasible for large or small businesses, especially when packaging may be required for a short period of time on grocery shelves. Conventional flexible packaging converters are designed for long run lengths; at The Pouch Company, though, we chose a different business model to start from.

For larger brands, The Pouch Company is also highly competitive at producing medium run length jobs, especially when multiple SKUs are involved. Efficient packaging production, lamination and digital printing, in a process structured for short and medium run length orders, offers several advantages for promotional activities of various types:

  • Quick turnaround for businesses, with low minimum order quantities, and shipping within 10 business days. Excellent for product  promotions.
  • Reduction of inventory buildup and obsolete packaging by printing to demand.
  • No plate fees are ever charged, so making changes is no longer cost-prohibitive, and is easy and fast.

Cost efficient short and medium run length production on our end means a lower barrier to entry for small businesses, and increased flexibility for big brands.

State-of-the-Art Digital Printing

Digital pouch printing offers a variety of benefits over conventional printing methods as well as producing higher quality, and easily customizable promotion packaging at lower costs. Our packaging experts will help you create the perfect package for your product, and prep your uploaded artwork to optimize the power of digital printing.

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