Welcome to the Pouch Company

Posted: March 11, 2019 at 5:58 am

Packaging solutions over the years have continued to evolve and change as technology innovates and consumer behaviours continue to change. Research has shown that “there is mounting public pressure on brand owners and retailers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.” As a result brands that are seeking to show their customers they care have made moves to convert or include flexible packaging in delivering their products to consumers.

With the knowledge, some of the leading experts in branding, packaging and labelling came together to create The Pouch Company, as the only local manufacturer of pouch packaging. This first ever installation of pouch converting equipment in the CARICOM provides fast, reliable and trustworthy service to manufacturers and small business producers.

“there is mounting public pressure on brand owners and retailers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.”

-Creative Business Solutions.

Upon researching and assessing the Caribbean product manufacturing environment, The Pouch Company saw local manufacturers from small home-made products to million dollar producers importing pouches. Thus the company was established in 2018, offering innovative, flexible packaging solutions for local small, medium and large sized businesses. Already, the company has established a portfolio of clients within local private and developmental sectors.

The obvious question is why are major brands moving and introducing pouch packaging? The obvious benefits such as less waste in landfills and the fact that its packaging contributes less that 4% to the total product weight increasing logistical efficiency for packaging, storing and shelf placement. If the retail experiences matter most to your brand, most pouch packaging if not all use flexographic printing which ensures that your imagery and visual impact is stunning, bright and eye-catching.

Outside of providing affordable and accessible flexible packaging options, The Pouch Company also seeks to, within the next two years, ensure the knowledge of pouches and their social and environmental impact is shared. Understanding the importance of the move from rigid to flexible packaging, The Pouch Company vows to provide accessible and valuable product to their customers while sharing the knowledge of newer, innovative and ground breaking solutions.